What should I prepare in order to clear the Mu-sigma aptitude test muAPT?

Mu-Apt (MuSigma Aptitude Test) is one of the first stages in the placement process of the company, and it is one of the stages where they weed out most of the candidates.

It is an Aptitude and personality test consisting of 4 sections (Quantitative Analysis, Logical Reasoning & Verbal, Psychometric, and Observational). The paper consists of 72 questions with a time limit of 60 minutes. There is no negative marking for the test.

If you want to pass the test and want to go to the next stage, the following are some suggestions you should follow:

  • For the quantitative part, you should practice essential math topics and go through the syllabus once to understand the weightage of this section.
  • For LR & Verbal part, similar to the QA part, a candidate should understand the syllabus and prepare accordingly.
  • The psychometric section of the test is the most significant section consisting of 50 questions, and there is no preparation for this section. All I can suggest is to be yourself and answer in line with the company‚Äôs goal.