What should I know before trying to learn machine learning?

Machine learning deals in deriving patterns & trends in huge volume of data to teach systems to act on their own. Prospective enthusiasts in the field of machine learning therefore, must know at least one of the scripting languages (preferably Python), basics of statistics (with focus on probability concepts), calculus as well as linear algebra.

In addition to these, students should also study on the fundamentals of optimization theories & algorithms as ML algorithms are primarily based on finding the most optimal response to a particular stimulus.

You will need multivariable calculus, linear algebra, and probability. I have an online course that goes through the math for machine learning, for beginners.

  1. a programming language, preferably Python or R.
  2. linear algebra at undergraduate level
  3. be comfortable with calculus
  4. be comfortable with statistical topics like , probability theory and regression.