What should I do with my future? I’m currently studying in class 12th and have opted biology as my stream. Now I’m entirely lost and confused. What career path should I choose?

In India it can be very difficult for a 12th student to shut down all the noise around you. Everyone will point you towards one career, become a doctor. Biology means doctor and doctor means Biology.

In most western countries people make decisions around their career at 21 or higher, but in India its much earlier. So its normal to be confused about Biology at 17.

Let me try to clarify the different options

There are basically three or four areas in Biology based on your interest

Clinical – Doctor, Surgeon, Physio, Speciality, Public Health
Research – Drug Research, Genetics, Bioinformatics, AstroBiology
Conservation & Wildlife Biology,
Biotechnology & Biomedical Sciences/Engineering

Each of the above areas has its pros and cons. It depends on your interests and where you believe you fit in.

Clinical careers are the most in demand but less interesting relative to research careers.