What should I choose as my career? I am intereseted in 3D Animation

Animation is nothing but immersive storytelling using the power of technology. So you either have to be a highly creative visual storyteller or have fantastic grasp over the technology medium that make a story real on screen.

This leads to 2 different roles

  1. Creative Artist – People who are good at storyboarding, character sketching and overall conceptual fleshing out of story. This is very very difficult
  2. Technical Artist – People who take the visual story on paper and breathe life into it through technology – 3D, Rigging, Modeling, VFX etc. This requires a solid visualization and computer science background.

Depending on your interest and skills you can decide the area that you are interested in. In either of these areas you need to have a vast portfolio to demonstrate your work, especially creativity.

Looks like you are interested in the tech side. Pursue a degree in Computer Science, learning animation skills on the side through courses and internships.

That way, you will have a solid foundation in programming and applied knowledge of animation.