What should I be putting on Facebook that will create real engagement

the Facebook algorithm is changing slightly. Instead of trying to find relevant content to show users, the new algorithm is instead optimizing your newsfeed to help you create more meaningful interactions with other users.
While we can’t say for certain what this will mean for advertising on Facebook, this is no time to panic and abandon Facebook advertising altogether. Instead, optimize your ad creative to inspire more meaningful interactions with users. Use your content to spark a conversation between members of your audience in the comments. The more user-to-user communication Facebook sees your content, the more your content will be shown in the newsfeed.
A few ways to increase comment engagement are:

  1. Questions. Ask your audience an interesting, open-ended question that they will be compelled to answer. You might even want to include a CTA to “answer in the comments below.”
  2. Fill-in-the-Blanks. Post a fill-in-the-blank sentence referencing something that your audience might have differing opinions on. For a graphic design company, a fill-in-the-blank like “The most outdated image on my website is currently ______.” You could even include a CTA to screenshot the image and upload it to the comments below without any explanation. Outdated graphics are going to be funny to other marketers, so there may be an increase in comments from people responding to the picture comments, as well.
  3. Contests. Contests are a great way to promote comments and shares. The contest could be anything from submitting a name for your company’s new mascot to submitting a new flavor idea for your next product launch. Motivate more people to enter your contest by giving away a prize for the winner (and be sure to actually give away the prize at the end of the content). According to Facebook’s ad policy, you have to acknowledge that your giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or otherwise associated with Facebook. There are quite a few Facebook contest and promotion app that can help you organize and manage a contest.
  4. Giveaways. Giveaways are like contests, but different in the sense that the winner will be chosen at random instead of based on their answer or entry. A great way to utilize a giveaway is to have users tag a friend in the post comments as their “entry” to the giveaway. You can use an app like Comment Picker to hoose a winner at random when the contest is over.
  5. Relevant Content. While questions and contests might be a quick way to boost your engagement short-term, the best way to engage your audience in your content long-term is by posting meaningful content that, in itself, promotes users to express their opinion in the comments and share with their friends.