What should be included in your Digital Marketing Portfolio?

  • It’s easy to guess what a Writer, Designer, or Web Developer may include in their portfolio. On the other hand, the content in a marketing portfolio may be less explicit. That’s because digital marketing frequently necessitates collaboration, strategic thought, and preparation, all of which are difficult to express in a written sample or image.

  • For example, a marketing portfolio could include a few social media posts with a caption that describes your work and the following:

    1. What social media outlets did you utilize to share your story?
    2. Are you the one who came up with the strategic plan? Do you want to write a copy? Organize the digital ad purchase?
    3. Please describe your role and how it influenced the outcome.

  • Another excellent way to highlight your involvement is through email marketing; did you assist in creating a successful email campaign? What were the highlights of your trip? Begin with the graphics, then go on to the data: How did the open and click-through rates turn out? Did it assist the organization in generating leads?

  • The finest marketing portfolios have both images and analytics. This is an excellent method to show off your talents (especially if you’re working on a search engine marketing or search engine optimization project), so be sure you can back up what you did and how you helped the project succeed.

  • The remedy, is to demonstrate an actual product. Websites, advertisements, social media postings or campaigns, videos, email marketing, and other digital marketing platforms can all be included.

  • After you’ve chosen a few highlights from your previous work, be sure to give credit to the team you worked with (which demonstrates your ability to collaborate), and then explain what your contribution was.