What services Does TCS provide in the Human Capital Domain?

TCS is one of the biggest IT services companies of India and it has divested into many fields offering its services in various domains ranging from IT to consulting to HR services as well. TCS Human Capital Services offers a wide range of HR Transformation services in order to ensure that employees get the best experience while working in the company. Some of the services offered by them include:

• HR Advisory services help work on processes, adjust to business needs, layout benchmarks, make business cases, survey and embrace digital solutions, upgrade worker experience, diminish costs and further develop administration conveyance.
• HR service delivery: Spans advancing association plan, sending of representative experience layer, arranging onboarding and change work processes, utilizing chatbots, and progressing administration conveyance support.
• HCM technology transformation: Encompasses empathy-based plan, framework assessment, incorporation, and testing to guarantee effective acknowledgment of ability procedure
• People analytics: Involves data consolidation, data hub/lake creation, decision-making metrics, executive dashboards, and predictive and prescriptive insights