What’s your biggest weakness? constantly asked

Why They Ask: It’s easy to think that this question only exists to trip you up. However, there’s actually a good reason why employers ask it during interviews.
How to Answer: You’ve probably heard the cliché advice that you need to find a weakness that you can easily spin into a positive. But, spoiler alert. That trick is the oldest one in the book, and interviewers easily see right through it.

Employers are interested in gauging your self-awareness and figuring out whether or not you’re open to admitting your own shortcomings and — most importantly — pursuing growth or improvement.

So, go ahead and be honest about something that you’d really like to work on (although, I recommend skipping the fact that you’re repeatedly late or have a nasty habit of falling asleep at your desk The icing on the cake? Mention some things that you plan on doing or are already doing to hone that skill or make that change.

What This Looks Like: “I’m somebody who tends to be hyper-focused and keeps my head down in my work. That helps me get a lot done, but it also means that my efforts to forge professional relationships in the office often fall short. I know how important those bonds are, so I’m actively working on becoming better. I’ve even blocked off weekly time on my calendar to make sure I’m dedicating the necessary time to build and maintain relationships with the people I interact with professionally.”