What’s the difference between GET and POST?

In HTTP requests, both of these techniques are utilized. In general, GET is used to download data while PUT is used to upload data. However, we may use GET/POST to do both downloading and uploading.


  1. If we are sending parameters in a GET request to the server, then those parameters will be visible in the URL because, in GET, parameters are appended to the URL. So there’s a lack of security while uploading to the server.
  2. We can only send a limited amount of data in a GET request because the URL has its max limit and we can not append a long data string to the URL.


  1. If we are using POST then we are sending parameters in the body section of a request. If we send data after using encryption in the body of an HTTP request, it’s quite a bit more secure.
  2. We can send a lot more data using POST.