What’s an engaging campaign you’ve recently seen from another brand? what did you like about it?

It’s important to take the time to thoroughly explain your answer with specific details that can showcase your knowledge of the industry.

While most digital marketing candidates might mention an engaging Facebook ad they’ve recently seen, the best candidate will begin to explain thorough details about why they found it engaging.

Did the ad use a unique image asset or ad format? Perhaps you reviewed the transparency settings of the ad and could see that it was targeting a lookalike audience.

On top of this, it’s important to then share the additional research you conducted beyond this initial ad.

Did you analyze what alternative ad variations the brand was running through Facebook’s

Did you click-through to the landing page and intentionally register to their email list?

Can you explain how engaging the brands automation workflow was?

Were you retargeted with additional ads across channels like YouTube or SnapChat.

By taking the time to summarize your experience, it shows your ability to understand the full semantics of a campaign and the role that each unique channel can play in a larger funnel.