What qualities should an aspiring data scientist have?

Data scientist is not an easy profession to muster; it requires immense patience and perseverance, and more importantly, a knack of problem solving. In addition, an aspiring data scientist should also have the quality of exploration and most of the business problems may not be clearly stated; rather they emerge from the volume and velocity of data which gets accumulated through various business processes. Other than that, from a technical perspective, elementary knowledge on statistical models and a basic know-how of software products could be a worthy addition.


Here are 6 that would be great qualities for any aspirational data scientist:

  • A Constant Pursuit of Learning
  • An Insatiable Curiosity
  • An Optimistic Stubbornness
  • A Practical Bent
  • A Healthy Dose of Skepticism
  • A Love for Storytelling

Here are 4 more that should be developed over the course of one’s career:

  • An Ability to Prioritize
  • A Habit of Dependability
  • An Impact-Driven Mindset
  • An Intuition Steeped in Domain Knowledge