What priorities you would consider while building a web application?

The following priorities should be kept in mind while building web applications:

  • Web site pages should be tested for performance as it should load as quickly as possible.
  • Applications pages should not have any broken links.
  • The application should be compatible with all major browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera.
  • The site should contain keywords that are accessible to search engines.
  • There should be seamless connectivity with the database.
  • Database entities such as stored procedures should be thoroughly tested with valid input.
  • Backend tables should be secured, tamper-proof.
  • Data insertion should be validated by constraints at column and row levels.
  • Inserting data into DB tables and viewing them in the user interface process should be as quickly as possible.
  • The framework being used to integrate pages should be simple and should be tested without any compilation.
  • User input pages should be designed with minimal inputs from the user, elements used should be user friendly to access.
  • Use of HTTP2 to load page content quickly.
  • The use of JavaScript should be minimum.
  • Accessibility provision such as a speaker to read the text, bigger font size, screen touch access should be provided so that people with physical limitations can also access the website with ease.
  • Should integrate media files like audio and video that can be opened without relying on local software to execute these files.
  • Web pages should be responsive to mobile screens.