What not to do in a personal interview

One of the most frequently asked questions related to Personal Interviews is, “What not to do in PIs?” and the list is very short. A candidate must first work on his body posture and ensure that he is sitting straight and appears confident. Confidence is the key to cracking any interview. Further, he should also ensure that he is paying attention to what is being asked and how it is being asked. One should never get distracted from what is going on in the conversation and the interview, and one should be attentive at all times. Interviewees think that they should smile at all times as well, however, smiling is not a rule but, yes, a candidate should appear enthusiastic. The candidate must not be disrespectful to the employer and must maintain a certain amount of decency and respectful language throughout the interview. There have been instances where candidates lose their temper or get aggressive in their answers. Aggression and anger must be avoided. One should remain calm and composed while giving the interview. Additionally, one should never give an incorrect response if they don’t know the answer to what they’re being asked. It is better to stay humble and tell the recruiter that you don’t know the answer, but you will read up about it.