What new skills would you like to learn in the next 3 years?

Use this opportunity to share a list of the skills that you believe this role will help you develop.

For example, you might have some experience managing a small team, but you’d like to learn how to manage a larger team at scale.

By listing skills that can be taught within the role, it indicates how attentive you’ll be throughout the new position.

I’d also suggest taking the time to share what value these new skills would add to your personal or professional life e.g learning SEO would allow you to build better content marketing strategies and drive growth through this medium.

Do your research beforehand and identify what’s involved in learning these new skills. Perhaps there’s a particular course you could take?

By suggesting specific resources that can help with your development, it shows that you’re proactively looking for solutions to better prepare for the future.

The recruiting manager can also determine if the resources you need are within their control. Brands are always passionate about upskilling their team members.