What mistakes should I try to avoid when writing my resume?

Though mistakes happen all the time and aren’t usually a reason for concern, resume writers are prone to making grammar and spelling errors, which can be difficult to correct. To avoid blunders like these, go over your resume with a fine-toothed comb and search for misspelled words, clumsy run-on phrases, and uncomfortable phrasing that you can improve. Avoiding such errors may be as simple as reading through your CV and inviting a friend or trusted coworker to do the same.

In addition to that, avoid writing something that you are definitely not confident about. Writing a good set of key words is definitely needed for your resume to be shortlisted, however, make sure that the topics that you are weak are definitely not highlighted. Also, another mistake could be not highlighting the work that you are proud of very well.

Some of the common issues I see in the resume:

  1. Old college format used:
    Candidates often keep on using college format of CV where highlights are more on college level activities and less on recent professional achievements.
  2. Adding projects not relevant to the job profile.
    CVs should be customized as per the job requirement, that doesn’t mean adding fake projects, but adding more relevant projects.
  3. Long CVs
    Candidates often keep 2-3 pages CV, 1 page CV with relevant information should be enough.
  4. Not adding contact information
    email IDs, phone numbers are must for recruiters for reaching out to you,