“What Makes You Unique?” How to answer this question?

Are you qualified for the position you’re going to interview for? The hiring manager will ask a series of questions to determine who is truly qualified for the post. Interviewers employ a number of techniques to evaluate whether you are a standout candidate with the necessary traits and skill set to succeed in the position.
As the recruiter assesses whether you have components in your history that are likely to contribute to employment success, one of the questions you may be asked is, “What makes you unique?”

How to Answer the Question
Take some time to investigate the firm and the position before deciding how you’ll respond to this inquiry. The more you understand the employer’s organizational goals, the better equipped you will be to tie your particular skills to the position. It might be beneficial to consider what makes you unique and how those qualities will enable you to make a significant contribution to the business. Mixing personal characteristics, experiences, or hobbies with significant professional assets is one strategy that might help you reply honestly to this question. You might, for example, indicate that you have a unique combination of hobbies, such as skydiving and coin collecting, and that you are highly detail-oriented.

Be wary of exaggerating your uniqueness or implying that you are the only one with particular characteristics. It’s preferable to stress how extraordinary or exceptionally endowed you are in specific areas. In some situations, quoting others might help you retain a humble demeanor, such as when you say, “I’ve been informed that I’m exceptionally forceful in a diplomatic way.”