What makes you a better choice than the other candidates who have applied for this job?

Why They Ask: For starters, this is a great way for your interviewer to get a brief refresher on what you bring to the table. But, they also want to challenge you to see if you can confidently portray not just why you want that position, but why you’re deserving of it.

Listen — they don’t really need you to figure out why you’re a more suitable candidate than anyone else (in all honesty, they probably already have that all sorted out). Instead, they just want to see how you promote yourself, as well as which of your own competencies you view as highly valuable.

How to Answer: This isn’t your chance to throw other candidates under the bus. Instead of focusing on what other applicants don’t have, you need to focus on what you do have.

This is your chance to call attention to any unique experiences and sought-after skills that make you a suitable fit for this position. And, when in doubt, even just demonstrating your enthusiasm for that opportunity is a great way to make your response a little more memorable.

What This Looks Like:
“I’m sure you have no shortage of quality applicants for this opportunity. However, I know that I have a lot to offer in this position. Particularly with my background working in small agencies, I think my ability to wear multiple hats and solve problems will serve me well in this role. I’m really excited about the prospect of rolling up my sleeves and making an impactful difference here!”