What makes JP Morgan stand out among other firms?

Whenever we look into investment banking job roles or interview for one in different firms. A question always arises, "What makes these firms stand out from their peers? " and sometimes even panelists in an interview ask the same question "Why us among the plethora of companies? " Then we wonder and try to find the answer.

However, today we are here to answer the same question for JP Morgan and what makes it different -

  • The most significant differentiation between JP Morgan and other investment banks is that they could successfully blend commercial and investment banking. This meant you were exposed to retail banking’s cultural influences, such as a focus on risk, large infrastructure systems, a moderation of the “get rich quick” mentality, and a strong emphasis on process.

  • Goldman-Sachs is known for recruiting a specific personality type and then attempting to mold you into that personality type once you’ve joined the firm. While JP Morgan is the result of merging several organizations, many personalities, and corporate cultures are mixed together.