What makes a good incentive?

What makes a good incentive?

  • The word ‘incentive’ is defined as a ‘positive motivational influence’.

  • Oldest-recorded forms of incentive marketing: The use of rewards (like points, discounts, gifts, etc) to advertise a product and encourage customers to buy, and keep buying.

  • A good incentive includes links as a helpful byproduct, the advice focuses more on increasing user interaction and engagement.

  • feature a 'Review of the week to get a reviews on product or place that you promoting for.

  • Feature your users by allowing guest posts, or even ‘guest content’, on your site is a great way to let your users know how much you value them.

  • Donate to charity - For example, a client of ours donates about $5 to charity every time someone reviews his product. You could also use this method to acquire usability feedback, UGC and email newsletter sign ups.

  • Product Giveaway - this is a great way to build relationships with bloggers in your niche and encourage them to talk (hopefully positively) about your company.

  • Competitions and Prize Draws - Competitions are a really adaptable way of incentivizing certain types of user behavior.for example: To get email sign ups - Fat Face- Win A Camper Van (very viral- has a ‘refer a friend’ draw as well) To sign up to a newsletter- Silksleep.com - win a silk blanket.