What link-building strategies works well ? What didn’t work so well?

What link-building strategies have worked well for you? What didn’t work so well?

The Link building strategies that work well:
White-hat strategies: White-hat strategies (Best link- building strategies) are those that are very low-risk to carry out and usually fall well within the webmaster guidelines laid out by Google and Bing.
Efficient Link Building Strategies for Busy Marketers:

  • Use Strategic Guest Blogging.
  • Create and Distribute Infographics.
  • Broken link building
  • Get Active on Social Media.
  • Use Resource Links From Trusted Sites.
  • Paid promotion for “linkable assets”
  • Leverage the Broken Links Strategy.
  • Grow Your Personal Brand.
  • Check Competitor’s Backlinks.
  • Replicate Best Links From Competitors.
  • Community site link building.
  • Building quality links with industry-specific tools.
  • Build links with blog comments.
  • Video transcription.
  • Drive Traffic & Build Relationships With “Targeted” Blog Commenting.

And Link building strategies that didn’t work so well:
Black-hat strategies: Black-hat strategies (Best link- building strategies) has also been used to describe techniques that directly violate search engine guidelines.

  • Inappropriate Directory Submissions.
  • Cloaking.
  • Injecting Links.
  • “Spammy” Guest Posting.
  • Trading Links
  • Focusing a Lot on The Link Only.
  • Creating a Lot of Backlinks.
  • Buying or Selling Links.
  • Using Private Blog Networks.
  • Not Doing Link Reclamation and Rechecks.
  • Link Building on Unrelated Niche Sites.
  • Thinking Only About Your Links
  • Over-Optimizing or Not Optimizing Anchor Text.