What KPIs do you use in social media reporting?

What KPIs do you use in social media reporting?

Social Media Metrics and KPIs are values used by marketing and social media teams to measure the performance of social media campaigns. There are four main areas your social media KPIs should be focusing on: engagement, reach, leads, and customers.

  • Engagement: Engagement measures the number of likes, shares, and comments that your social updates receive. Facebook and Twitter see engagement as a sign of quality and popularity.

  • Reach: It indicates how far your message is actually travelling — how many eyes it’s getting in front of.

  • Leads: You can also gain valuable insight by looking into the demographics of the people who are seeing and responding to your content.

  • customers: No Inbound strategy would be complete without measuring the number of acquired customers. This is the ultimate measurement of your success in social media marketing.