What kind of stuff should I publish?

Content marketing is essentially a way to provide your prospects and customers with valuable information that’s interesting enough to them that they’ll want to engage with it. That can be done in many ways: news updates, case studies, ebooks, whitepapers, videos… the list goes on. You get the idea. A good place to start when deciding what kind of content you should publish is figuring out who you’re targeting.
A 2012 study from CMI concluded that content marketers should focus on creating three types of content—each directed at different audiences: educational leads (eBooks), relationship building (webinars), and sales generation (newsletters). The folks at HubSpot took this one step further by breaking down these categories even further to include the specific content types that fall into each category. Here’s what they found:
Whether you’re publishing a case study, an infographic, or an educational video, it helps to know who you’re targeting and what kind of information they want. For example, HubSpot (and Google) find that email subscribers respond best to blog posts and educational videos. Meanwhile, Pinterest users like infographics, while YouTube viewers seem to enjoy podcasts. Full disclosure: These are my most popular posts on each platform.