What Is Your Technical Experience With Accounting Software?

To prepare yourself to answer this question, take a look at the job description of the role to see which software and tools the company uses. You’ll want to be prepared to speak to your experience with using the ones specified in the job description. But you won’t know every system out there and that’s OK, so emphasize the experience that you do have with specific tools and with learning new tools—especially if you can show that it will help you succeed in the role you’re applying for. Also think about how your technical background has positively impacted your team or company.

For example, your answer might sound like:

“I have seven years of experience working with SAP and Oracle with clients in the healthcare and financial services industries. I also used QuickBooks in a former role. Along with these accounting tools, I have been using Microsoft Excel throughout my entire career and have become very adept with it, often teaching myself new things and bringing them back to my team. For example, in my current role, I create* *pivot tables and use the VLOOKUP function to get our financial analysis and budgeting done more efficiently. I’d be excited to share my Excel expertise with a new team here and to quickly get up to speed on your proprietary software—as I have with other tools in the past.”