What is your most important KPI? And why? | PM interview questions

Question’s Purpose
Good PMs will have the KPI for their product, initiative, feature, etc, tattooed on their soul and will be able to articulate why that KPI is important.

How to Answer
It’s not about the answer, it’s about why the answer is. Sorry, that’s confusing but bear with me. Just firing off a KPI number doesn’t mean anything to anybody. It’s about being able to articulate why that number means something and how that number is a true measure of the value of your project, initiative, feature, etc. Your best answer describes the KPI and outlines why it’s the best measure of success.

In my experience, I was often asked about the KPI and then I was asked what would be a better KPI. Truth is there is always a better KPI. So be prepared to discuss this, particularly if your interviewer is another PM. Be willing to agree if they come up with a better one, which I often did. But I was always very forward with them in telling them that the infrastructure wasn’t in place to measure that KPI and that’s why we went with the one I said. A good KPI is meaningless unless you can measure it.

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