What is your dream job ? Interview Questions

In the interview, your potential employer will likely focus on figuring out whether or not you have the right skills to be successful in the job.

However, they’ll also be interested in how motivated you are to perform the job, and whether or not you will be satisfied with the position. This interview question helps interviewers assess your motivation. Your response may also offer a glimpse into your values, passions, and priorities as an employee.

This question can be a bit tricky to answer since you don’t want to give a reply that will make you seem like a bad fit for this role. A general rule of thumb, if it isn’t related to your current career path, you probably should not mention it in an interview. It’s fun to think about off-the-wall dreams like becoming a dolphin trainer, but an interview is not the time to express those dreams.

Instead, focus on what you aim to gain from this particular company. Perhaps you see yourself in that shiny corner office, or you want to work your way into a territory manager role, jet-setting all over the country to give client presentations and perform essential negotiations. Or, maybe you are already looking at your dream career! Be brief in your answer and express how you plan to see this dream job realized.