What is XRP (Ripple)?

Ripple is a centralised currency used by Banks, currently banks are holding the XRP so its price will increase and then they will let the buyers purchase XRP in the exchange of Bitcoins and Ethereum.

Banks want to take the charge of mainstream decentralised cryptocurrency by luring customers with XRP and in the end banks will be holding BITCOINS and ETHEREUM of worth thousands of dollars and you will be holding shitty centralised coin which can be mined anytime by banks.

In the grand scheme of things this is in my opinion Ripple XRP is more like a tech advancement on how payments as a whole from beginning to end get transacted digitally. It can be used with credit cards and online shopping from one country to another. You personally don’t use Ripple itself as a means of currency, it gets used by those that process the payments. it goes from hours and days down to mer seconds globally. So it actually an advancement in how any currency can be sent and or received. Which is quite amazing. The market lacked that and Ripple is providing that.