What is unique about Google interviews?

Google is unique from other massive companies like Apple, Microsoft, or Amazon in its interview process. So let’s start listing the differences:

  1. Clear expectations: Because Google is open about their interview process, there is little room for error in terms of preparation and expectations. On their careers website, Google lays you everything you need to know on the job.

  2. Coding in Google Docs: You will be expected to code in Google Docs during the initial phone interview. It’s crucial to learn how to code well on this platform because it takes some time to master.

  3. Hiring committee: Google uses a hiring committee for all candidates because they want to assess applicants without bias.

  4. Grading scale: Each interviewer is assessed on a scale of 1-4 depending on the four hiring criteria, with 3 being the cutoff for hire vs. no hire.

  5. Four hiring criteria: In their candidate assessment process, Google looks for cognitive capacity, “Googleyness,” leadership skills, and technical skills. In the next piece, we’ll break that down further.