What is Top-Down Approach?

What is Top-Down Approach?

In software engineering object-oriented model is considered as bottom-up approach and functional style is considered as top-down approach

Top down approach begins with high level design and ends with low level design or development.

Let’s understand with the help of an example :

suppose we have to design a student management system then, How we will approach let’s see

  1. we will first understand the requirements and convert them into modules like student’s library details module, student exams details module, student’s mentor details module.
  2. Which database we will use for this system ? , do we require a messaging queue (kafka)?

All such questions come under High level design, After that we will groom more these kind of questions so, clearly you can see a pattern we are moving top to down here for development this is referred as top -down approach

In modern days, we follow mix approach to develop a system

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