What is the written test in placement process of the oracle?

A selection stage is included in the Oracle Recruitment process, where judgments are made about the viability of a particular candidate’s employment application.

A suitable selection procedure can aid in selecting the most qualified candidates from among all applications. Candidates are chosen based on their abilities, knowledge, skills, experience, and various other considerations.

The first stage of the selection process is a written test consisting of 4 sections: Aptitude, Contextual communication, General computer language, and Coding. The first three sections consist of 20 questions, each with varying time duration to solve. The Coding section has two questions with no time limit to solve.

Following are some points regarding the test:

  • Quantitative, Logical Reasoning, and Flow Chart based questions are all included in the Aptitude section.

  • Questions about sentence correction, reordering sentences, vocabulary, and reading comprehension make up Contextual Communication.

  • Data structures, operating systems, databases, C++, and Big O Notation are covered in General Computer Programming.

  • There are two questions in the programming section. One question is dependent on your choice, while the other is based on printing a pattern.

  • Overall, the paper’s difficulty level is low. Only those who pass the written exam will be eligible for the next stage.