What is the Written Ability Test in IIFT?

Written Ability Test -

  • Candidates must compose an essay or respond to questions based on a comprehension given to them in this phase.

  • Their writing abilities will be evaluated based on the essay or the replies provided to them.

  • For this, the candidate must be well-versed with the current happenings around them (be well-read and well-informed).

  • The topics for the essays can be anything under the sun and the ability to pen their thoughts would be tested.

  • If comprehension is given, the candidate might have to state their opinions in most of the cases which requires clarity of thought and reading between the lines.

  • They have 20 minutes to complete the essay, with a word restriction of 300 words.

Since the time is limited and there is a restriction on the word limit, the candidate has to be fast in accumulating their thoughts, be precise, write in a way that makes an impact on the reader.