What is the Work culture of TCS for freshers?

What is the Work culture of TCS for freshers?

The work culture at TCS is balanced for freshers. The freshers have to go through a compulsory ILP which stands for Initial Learning Period which is the strongest and the best-assured grooming platform for all new recruits of TCS. The ILP aims to transform fresh engineering graduates from diverse disciplines into software professionals and to initiate them into the TCS way of life. This is a period where employees get to know their teammates and colleagues

Once the ILP gets over, then the candidates are assigned projects. The work of an employee depends on the project and changes from one project to another. The scope for development in the company is there but it depends on the candidate. The work-life balance is fairly decent. The management cares for their employees and provides necessary facilities for the employees to excel in the work. It provides good Job safety. The overall work culture at TCS is decent with enough growth opportunities.

The work culture of TCS can be summarized as follows:

  1. The work culture is relaxed and accommodating for any requests that an employee might have.
  2. The work pressure is mediocre and as a fresher, it will be easier to adjust to the new environment because of the same.
  3. The medical benefits provided to an employee are up to the mark. However, the pay scale might not be satisfactory for some.
  4. TCS definitely provides learning opportunities for freshers to grow and evolve in the corporate sphere.
  5. There is job security that a fresher generally looks for while stepping into a workplace for the first time.
  6. The work is monotonous and a fresher might not be allowed to switch projects easily.
  7. The management and leadership are good which facilitates communication for a fresher.
  8. The opportunities for a client-facing job are enormous which helps a fresher in understanding the market better.