What is the work culture of Infosys Limited?

Following is the experience of an existing employee, and the article will be from the person’s perspective. The employee had been employed with the company for one and half years till date.

Following are some criteria based on which he had judged the work culture:

Infrastructure and facilities

Finding a company with a more robust infrastructure is more challenging than Infosys in India. Companies’ infrastructure and facilities vision were well ahead of their time—sports facilities like a gym and swimming pool on the company campus.

The campus also has a small medical, retail shop, tavern, and bank.

Food courts can be found across campus and offer a wide selection of options. However, everything has been paid for. Of course, rates are lower inside than they are outside.

The company transportation is of ordinary quality, and it costs money to use it. You are even charged for parking.

Work Culture and Peers

The work culture at Infosys is heavily influenced by your management and the nature of the project. During most of the projects, I was fortunate enough to work with fantastic management.

Infosys employees have above-average skill sets. It is primarily due to Infosys’ inability to retain clever workers due to its poor pay compared to its competitors.

Infosys has relatively little say over the projects it works on because of its service business model. Because of the large volume of employees, there are few opportunities to communicate with upper management.