What is the work culture of Google?

  • Google ensures that you are not under any pressure while working. As a result, we have massage chairs, a spa, a gym, micro-kitchens (yep, free food), four meals every day (breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner), music rooms, TT tables, cricket nets, and other amenities.

  • In addition, each team is entitled to one team outing every year to get to know one another. They can go almost anywhere in the globe, and Google will take care of the costs.

  • People generally wear tees and jeans to work, and there is no dress code.

  • Google is a company that thrives on the interchange of ideas, and it has built a strong yet adaptable culture that gives employees access to exceptional individuals regardless of their job title or position.

  • Everyone works hard here to improve their knowledge and make things easy for everyone.

  • You can pursue your passion in your profession, and the organization is quite open.

  • You can also propose your initiatives and ideas to get funding from upper management