What is the work culture at Wipro Technologies?

At Wipro, the single credo for success is performance. If you perform well, Wipro will take excellent care of you. You don’t have to beg your bosses for anything. Managers care a lot about how their staff contributes to the project.

You have complete control over your career path. Wipro’s higher education philosophy was my favorite aspect of the company. Bits Pilani offers MS degrees in a variety of engineering specialties. It is a two-year degree program, after which you will be issued a standard degree and will be compensated for the program fee if you continue to work at Wipro. This is a fantastic possibility if you want to pursue higher education without disrupting your current employment.

Wipro adheres to the principle of fairness and does not engage in any unethical behavior. If any of its employees is found guilty of engaging in truly unequal conduct, he will be dismissed from the company immediately (probably within 24 hrs).