What is the Versant Test during the campus placement process of Deloitte?

The Deloitte Versant Test is a computer-based automated spoken language test. This occurs only after you have passed the first round of the Deloitte Recruitment Process, which is the Deloitte Online Test. Deloitte’s online test is the most difficult of all the service-based organizations’ tests.
The major goal of this Versant test is to demonstrate the value of English communication in the knowledge economy.
The following are the candidate’s basic competencies that are being evaluated in this test:
• Reading Capabilities – This is tested in the Reading Comprehension test that takes place which is easy if the candidate has been reading the paragraphs mindfully.
• Skills in Listening – A candidate should be a good listener in order to completely comprehend what has been said.
• Analyzing abilities – How able a candidate is, is important to know for the organization as the cost of staffing is huge and they would expect returns for the same.
• Grammar Skills are important to test the written communication skills of a candidate.