What is the use of ROUND Function in Excel?

The Excel ROUND function returns a number rounded to a given number of digits. The ROUND function can round to the right or left of the decimal point.

  • Purpose: Round a number to a given number of digits
  • Return value: A rounded number.


=ROUND (number, num_digits)


  • number - The number to round.
  • num_digits - The place at which the number should be rounded.


To round values to the right of the decimal point, use a positive number for digits:

=ROUND(A1,1) // Round to 1 decimal place 
=ROUND(A1,2) // Round to 2 decimal places 
=ROUND(A1,3) // Round to 3 decimal places 
=ROUND(A1,4) // Round to 4 decimal places