What is the TCS National Qualification test?

TCS NQT is an entrance exam that Is conducted across India to hire freshers and people with less than 2 years of work ex for various roles in the company. There is no pre-requisite for the test and the validity of the test score is for 2 years. Candidates with a certain NQT test score will be eligible to apply on TCS Ion site for further processes. There are 3 sections in NQT test which test the academic knowledge of a candidate while there are two coding questions which check the coding skills of a student. The duration of the test is 180 minutes and there are about 92 questions in the exam.

Part Section Expected Number of Questions Duration (minutes)
A Numerical Ability 26 40
A Verbal Ability 24 30
A Reasoning Ability 30 50
B Programming Logic 10 15
B Hands-on Coding 1 15
B Hands-on Coding 1 30