What is the syllabus for DevOps Engineer?

For DevOps Engineering you will have to study multiple subjects & you will have to learn multiple software. The whole syllabus includes CI/CD Pipeline with Jenkins, DevOps on AWS, Ansible Training course, Puppet Training Course, AWS Developer Associate, Agile Scrum Master, Linux Training, Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, AWS Technical Essentials, Git and GitHub Training, Version control with Git, Integration with Jenkins, Testing with Selenium, Containerization with Docker, Ecosystem and Networking, Kubernetes & few more.

Furthermore, additional subjects may also help you like, DevOps Certification Training, Configuration Management with Ansible and Terraform, Docker Certified Associate, Certified Kubernetes Administrator, Capstone Project, & some others. Also, there are some electives like Docker with IBM, Kubernetes with IBM, DevOps on AWS, CI/CD with Jenkins 16, Git and GitHub Training, etc.

This recognized Post Graduate Program in DevOps can help you advance your profession. This curriculum combines theory, case studies, and considerable hands-on experience to prepare you for a rapidly emerging sector that bridges the gap between software developers and operations.