What is the syllabus for Data Engineering?

  • Introduction to Data Engineering:
    Before delving into the many aspects of the role, it’s critical to first grasp what data engineering is. What are the various functions that a data engineer conducts on a daily basis? What qualities do the best IT firms seek in a data engineer? Are you expected to know everything there is to know or just enough to be a good match for a certain role?

  • Python is the basic language requirement:
    There are still other data engineering-specific scripting language available (such as Java and Scala), this essay will focus on Python. We have observed a definite change in the industry toward Python, which is gaining traction at a quick pace. It has become a vital component of a data engineer’s (and data scientist’s) skill set.

  • Operating Systems:
    Operating systems, as a vital cog in the data science machine, are what keep the pipelines running. A data engineer is supposed to be well-versed in infrastructure components such as virtual machines, networks, application services, and so on. How familiar are you with server administration? Do you understand Linux well enough to travel through various configurations? How well do you know access control methods? These are just a few of the questions you’ll have to answer as a data engineer.