What is the syllabus for cyber security?

  • The topics covered under cyber security are as follows:
  1. Introduction to cyber security – Understanding the impact of the most common threats and attacks that one can face.
  2. Cyber legislation – pertaining to the cyber laws required for regulating the economy
  3. Penetration testing – Pertaining to the evaluation of the security of IT infrastructure by exploiting vulnerabilities.
  4. Programming – Learning programming languages to protect the operating system from attacks.
  5. Cryptography – The study of securing communications between the sender and receiver of the information.
  • All these topics teach students how to protect computer systems from cyber-attacks.
  • Firewalls, software, and programming languages are among the subjects and specialties covered in the Cyber Security school curriculum.
  • The BCA, B.Sc., and B.Tech Cyber Security Syllabus cover the following - Fundamentals of cyber security, as well as project topics and electives
  1. The master’s level cyber security course syllabus covers advanced-level topics such as:
  2. Malware Analysis Introduction
  3. Cryptography
  4. Secure Communication
  5. Database Management System