What is the side hustle which finance graduates can pursue?

The term “financial advisor” is a field which graduates from the finance field are finding interesting either as a main career or something of a side hustle.

Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU): A CLU may be a suitable choice if you’re concerned about insurance, safeguarding your assets, or considering annuities. They specialize in all aspects of insurance and can also assist with basic financial and estate planning. To become a CLU, you must complete eight college-level courses and have three years of experience in business or finance. A CLU can provide risk mitigation advice to both enterprises and individuals towards the end of their program. They can also help you organize your estate so that your assets are distributed properly.

CLUs can be redeemed in a variety of ways. They are usually paid hourly for giving advice, but they can also be paid a commission for selling insurance products. Because they may be enticed to sell you greater policies, it is critical that you thoroughly comprehend the goods they offer.


  • CLUs are experts in the field of insurance.
  • Extensive qualifications
  • Typically compensated on an hourly or commission basis.

Certified Fund Specialist (CFS): A CFS or CMFC can assist you in allocating your portfolio to minimize risk if you want to invest in mutual funds. A CFS or CMFC can ensure that your mutual fund investments are acceptable in light of your other investments.

Before taking the exams for either of these certifications, you must complete a 10-week course; this level of knowledge is required due to the intricacy of mutual funds and the various investments they contain. A CFS or CMFC can ensure that your portfolio is well-balanced and that your risk level is acceptable for your circumstances. The CFS and CMFC certificates are quite popular, with over 15,000 people have completed them.

CFSs and CMFCs can work on a fee-only basis, but it’s always a good idea to ask if they are paid for their recommendations.


  • 60 hours of preparation for several examinations for mutual fund specialists
  • They allocate your assets in such a way that you are not exposed to unneeded risk.