What is the scope of NLP engineering in India?

• NLP is one of the most rapidly developing technology.
• It is only projected to expand in the future, given the ongoing innovation and research that is going on in this industry.
• Because this is such a new industry, qualified people are in high demand since, training them might involve a lot of cost. Companies prefer adequately skilled professional for such roles.
• This is a fantastic moment to upskill yourself if you want to work on making computers learn and understand human language.
• NLP has a bright future and is a lucrative field with growing digitization and increasing demand in almost every industry for such roles.
• NLP offers a wide range of applications, including customer service, grammar check software, and company marketing.
• If one enjoys computers and languages, NLP might be a fantastic career choice for you. Considering career options such as NLP Engineer, NLP Architect, and others might just be the right fit for them in this scenario.