What is the scope of cyber security jobs in India?

India has been the hub of World’s IT sector for more than 25 years now. With the sector opening new arenas of employment for the educated youth in this country, the wonders of the sector and the services it provided to both public and private sector led to development of a culture that promoted use of computers, technology, and electronic mediums to conduct business and push public policies like education and public welfare.

Since last decade, the public policy has shifted in favor of going digital and promoting the culture to even hinterlands of the nation. Even private sector jumped up on bandwagon and cheap data and affordable multimedia devices pushed digitalization of services and policies to grassroot.

With all these developments going on for some time, it also opens the vulnerable areas to be exploited by the criminals, and while digital push has reached our hinterlands, unfortunately, the lack of digital literacy and concern for security leaves them a whole lot vulnerable to cyber criminals.

This is where both public and private sector employ young IT professionals, with required skills in programming, coding, app designing as cyber security professionals, to defend the servers, networks, and public data from getting leaked to malicious hands. The global cyber security sector is pitched to be around $200 billion in coming years, it is natural that Indian IT sector and its capable employees will have a bright future in the roles of cyber security, right from the Chief Information Security Officer , to Chief Information Officer, to Network Security Analyst and many other profiles , focusing on an ever evolving area to improve upon.