What is the role of associate software engineer in Accenture?


When an Associate Software Engineer joins Accenture, they are assigned to a specific stream. He receives the project based on the stream Training. Now, the work that an ASE will do depends entirely on which project he is assigned to and the project’s requirements. Being at Accenture, I’ve seen some of my ASE friends get direct coding and development tasks, while others work in support, testing, or on the bench. Typically, duties are assigned by senior SEs or TLs on the project team, so the work is assigned based on them and the need for the work in the project.


It depends on your luck and the project you are assigned to, as well as the stage of the project at which the work is completed, i.e., beginning, half done, or in the final stages. Because ASE is in the shadow period, they are not responsible or burdened with direct project implementation. However, as you can complete the task and demonstrate their worthiness and capabilities, the expected work to be done may differ from what you learned during the training period, implying a continuous learning process in a project. So, depending on his caliber and willingness to take on challenges and learn, ASE is never short of learning or stagnant.