What is the role of a supply chain manager?

The role of a Supply Chain Manager is as follows:
• Hires and trains departmental supervisors.
• Oversees the daily workflow and schedules of the department.
• Conducts performance evaluations that are timely and constructive.
• Handles discipline and termination of employees in accordance with company policy.
• Collaborates with other departments and stakeholders to identify and maintain the resources necessary to build and sustain a successful supply chain.
• Establishes performance measures for the measurement, comparison, and evaluation of supply chain elements.
• Creates and maintains precise inventory of materials and supplies throughout the company, on job sites, and in the factory.
• To maximize production, maintain the required quantity of supplies and materials.
• Analyzes current inventory and procedures and makes recommendations for improving supply chain efficiency and profitability.
• Develops policies to increase supply chain efficiency while maintaining quality and safety, and then implements changes to procedures.
• Identifies the most efficient cargo and transportation routes, paying special attention to warehousing and distribution consolidation.