What is the review of the oracle?

Oracle is a large software firm with diverse products and services. Flexible working hours, excellent food, transportation, health insurance, a cool cafeteria, events and gatherings, and much more are all available, like in the corporate sector. The Oracle Bangalore campus, where I work, is brand new and fantastic.

Oracle is the only IT business, and almost the only corporation in general, that I would characterize as deliberately hostile to its customers. I am responding anonymously, so they cannot link my Quora account to my business.

We do not look into purchasing other Oracle products since we have discovered a pattern: if you chat to them about buying something and then do not buy it, your “random” audit arrives much sooner.

It is not all horrible, however. They have treated MySQL admirably thus far, and their new Java licensing scheme is not evil either. They are a company that, to some extent, can offer good technology, but woe betides the company that pays for it.