What is the real impact of social media on marketing?

First of all, the consumption of social media is so high and people use multiple social media platforms in a given day. So, it is important for brands to use social media marketing as one of their primary marketing strategy to reach their targeted customers, converting them into users, keep existing customers brand loyal, solve their problems with the product, answer their queries, and more.That’s one of the reason, social media marketing is one of the areas where companies are investing now. Social media reaches and connects with targeted audiences which were never possible before. Also, social media increases social traffic to your website.

It plays a part in improving your SEO ranking, brand authority, helps you understand the behaviour of your customers, builds relationship with them, improves sales and leads, make you an authority in your market, and if you want one more reason, your competitors are already spending a good amount of money trying to be the market leader.