What is the process of the Personal Interview round in IIFT?

  • For the interview procedure, candidates will be called one by one. The interview’s main goal is to evaluate the candidate’s communication abilities, knowledge of current events and business events, and a variety of other factors.

  • The interviewer can question the candidate on anything- Your personal, educational, and professional backgrounds, questions hovering around the regions of the country where you were born and raised, your skills and weaknesses, and the obstacles you have faced in any phase of your life are all factors to consider.

  • These questions sound easy but are one of the most difficult questions to prepare as individuals usually do not spend a lot of time evaluating and understanding themselves. In these domains, one must be able to express themselves as freely as possible. The trick is to be aware of yourself and your past experiences. This conveys a sense of self-awareness and connection to one’s surroundings.

  • One must be well prepared with their educational background, about their past work experience, about their previous employer, the institution (IIFT) and why do they aspire to join it.