What is the process of campus recruitment at Accenture?

Cognitive Ability Assessment

One of the most critical components in hiring is the Accenture 2021 test. Most students will be eliminated in this round and will not be able to advance to the next round, the coding round.

You will receive an assessment link with your unique login credentials at the start of the test.

The Cognitive Ability section includes the following items:

  1. English Proficiency

  2. Reasoning Analytically

  3. Numerical Skill

The following items are included in the Technical Assessment Section:

MS Office and Common Application


Fundamentals of networking, security, and cloud computing.

You will have 90 minutes to thoroughly complete the assessment

To be considered for further rounds, you must meet each assessment’s section and subsection cutoffs (cognitive and technical).

The results are delivered the test has been completed.

Accenture Coding Competition

After passing the Cognitive and Technical Assessments, you must participate in Round 2, which is the coding round. This is an assessment of Mandatory Coding. This is a round of elimination (as per the previous process, it is not an elimination round but in latest recruitment pattern it is elimination round).

The results of the Coding round will be considered in the final round, which is the interview process.
In this round, there will be two coding questions that you can answer in any of the following languages:

  1. JAVA
  2. C
  3. C++
  5. Python

Accenture Communication Evaluation Round
The third round starts after the first two assessments are completed. This is not an elimination round, either.

Candidates must complete this communication assessment after completing the coding round.
Candidates will receive a separate email with timelines and login information to participate in this assessment.

It is a verbal test that will evaluate you on the following criteria:

Mastery of Sentences
The time limit is 20 minutes.