What is the process of Campus placement for Wipro Technologies?

The recruitment process at Wipro is broken down into five parts.

  • Pre-Placement Talk
  • Aptitude Test: The Aptitude Test is the initial step in the Wipro hiring process. This round is broken down into three sections:
    • Quants
      • Total Question- 16 Question
      • Total Time- 16 min
    • Logical
      • Total Question- 14 Question
      • Total Time- 14 min
    • Verbal
      • Total Question- 22 Question
      • Total Time- 18 min
  • Essay Writing: There is no syllabus for essay writing, but you can find prior year’s Essay Writing Topics on our Wipro Essay Writing Dashboard.
  • Coding: This round will have two coding questions - 1st question: general coding (20 minutes), 2nd Question: DSA Coding(40 min)
  • Interview: The interview round is split into technical and HR.
    • Technical Interview- As the name implies, this interview will focus on your technical knowledge.
    • HR Interview- This is the easiest round; the interviewer will ask you basic questions like who you are, what you want to do in the future, and so on.

Except for the Pre-Placement Talk, all of the other rounds are required.